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Caesars Casino

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VENI VIDI VICI – Has Caesars Online Casino conquered all?



Caesars Online Casino is one of the most trusted and recognized online gambling operators in the state of New Jersey. This is due to their wide selection of games and attractive offers aimed at first time players. The online casino is partnered with Caesars Atlantic City and build off the brand recognition of the 35 year old gambling institution. This partnership brings with it security as punters can feel comfortable knowing that their money is in safe and experienced hands.



The games library at Caesars is impressive to say the least and it has nothing to fear from that of its competitors. The site currently houses a wide variety of games that cover  slot, video poker, blackjack, roulette and baccarat games.


Blackjack Games

Caesars currently offers

·         Blackjack (NYX) – punters can play up to 3 hands

·         Blackjack Classic – as the name suggests, this is the classic version that offered by most sites

·         Blackjack (IGT) – players play a single hand

·         Blackjack Pro Atlantic City Single Hand – punters can surrender and micro stakes can be made

·         Blackjack Micro Limit – players can bet stakes as low as $0.10

·         Sidebet Blackjackplayers can place 1 of 5 ‘side bets’ on every hand. These bets can pay out odds of anywhere between 2-1 to 5,000-1

Types of Side Bets:

·         Mega Match – if the players first 2 cards are the same suit they win at odds of 2-1.  If the first 2 cards are a King and Queen of the same suit. This is called a Mega Match and they win at 50-1. If the dealer and the player both have a  Mega Match, the player  win at 5000-1

·         Blackjack Attack – if the punter receives a Blackjack, they win at odds of 18-1

·         Cash Queens – if the first 2 cards the player receives add up to 20, they will win at 2-1. If their first 2 cards are suited and total 20, they win at 5-1. If the 2 cards are ranked 20 (pair of Kings, Jacks or 10s) they win at 10-1 while if they have a pair of Queens they will win at 50-1. If the player has a set of Queens and the dealers a blackjack, they will win at 500-1

·         Crazy 7s – If the first card the player is dealt is a 7 they win 5-1. If they are unsuited they win at 25-1, If suited they win 150-1. If the first 3 cards are 7s they win at 500-1. If the first 3 cards are suited 7s they will win at 2000-1

·         Pair Play – any pair the player receives equals a win at odds of 12-1

Roulette Games

Caesars offers 4 types of roulette games:

  • Double Spin Bonus Roulette – has a bigger bonus section on the wheel. If bet on and landed, a 2nd spin with higher payout takes places
  • 3 Wheel Roulette -3 wheels are used, x3 multipliers
  • American Roulette 
  • European Roulette 

Slot Games

Caesars has an impressive list of 340 slot games. These include Battle for OlympusCleopatra, King Kong, Silent Movie and Wheel of Fortune On Tour. The site supports progressive jackpots with the biggest on record exceeding $170,000.


Baccarat & Video Poker

Caesars Baccarat offering has zero commission and punters can place a minimum stake of $1 and a maximum of $100, min $5 – max $250 and min $15 / max $500. The site also supports Let It Ride and 3 Card Poker.


These days Sign Up Bonuses are mandatory and are the main way operators attract new players to their site. Their hope is that while you make use of these freebies that you will see just how great the site is, enjoy the amount of games they have on offer and experience their level of customer service. All players know that the welcome bonus is nothing more than bait, yet we would not even dream of signing up with an operator who didn’t offer us these bonuses.

Caesars offers what seem to have become the industry standard welcome bonuses – a No Deposit Bonus of $25, which is subject to the punter doing a single play thru, and a 100% match bonus up $300 on all first time deposits. It must be said that that the $300 match is significantly better than the limit offered by many of Caesars biggest competitors.


While most online casino operators only seem offer a few of the games from their full website on their mobile app, Caesars  offer most of their over 200 games on both their Android and iOS apps. The apps can be played on smartphones and tablets.



Much like its land-based partner, Caesars Online Casino is one of the premier gaming sites. This is thanks to its rock solid reputation, excellent variety of games, well developed mobile apps and attractive bonuses. Caesars should be on the favorite bar of all avid online gamers.